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A veteran of the early North American EDM scene, he got his start during the days of the N.E.A.U. (New England Acid Underground). Citing Fred Gianelli aka The Kooky Scientist (Plus 8) as one of his early influences in switching from hip hop to dance music. He began learning about synthesizers and technology due to his new fascination with electronic music. By the late nineties his energetic DJ sets had a large youthful following in the New England rave scene. This catapulted him into Boston nightlife where he worked for Satellite Records and held residencies at Avalon, Axis, and An Tua Nua. During this time he performed with plethora of notable artists including John Digweed and DJ Q-Bert.In 2004 he moved to Los Angeles, redefining his sound as a DJ, and eventually starting his own label Monism Music, which would bring together both American and UK artists, including Si Begg, Elite Force, and Nexus artist Dylan Rhymes. The overall sound is Tech Funk inspired, as supported by artists on the Nexus Roster.Throughout the end of the decade he had began playing exclusively to the festival circuit, including Evolve in Nova Scotia, Wakarusa in Arkansas, and the Burning Man festival in Nevada. Taking a break from rave and club scene he focused solely on playing these types events, few and far between.In recent years, he was a national finalist on Season 2 of Smirnoffs "Masters Of The Mix" hosted by Kid Capri. His music has also been licensed to TV and Film, including several tracks on FOX's "American Dad" cartoon, in which his likeness also appears.In short, MO7S' sound comprises of acidic, bass-driven Tech Funk spiced with psychedelic rhythms. He prefers longer sets where he can build from lower energy levels and is often noted by his peers as an exemplary warm up DJ that's even more entertaining at peak hour. He is often called "The DJs DJ", whilst still being a crowd pleaser. His energy and delivery is unparalleled. His animatic nature and energetic stage presence has seen him share the booth with some of the worlds best.Celebrating his 20th year as a DJ. MO7S is available worldwide via Nexus Artists Management.

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